Project of the Week – POSCA Pens

June 21, 2022

It is always fun to get together with other creatives and exchange ideas, knowledge, and even art supplies. My son’s roommates were over and brought their POSCA paint pens. These markers are water-based acrylic paint pens and come in a variety of tip sizes (up to 8mm!). I’ve only used a few paint pens in the past but have never created a piece. Learning the “flow” and how to stack colors once dried had its moments, but it was a blast creating with a new type of tool. The colors were vibrant and fun. When wet, they blended nicely. Layering reminds me of the techniques used when using watercolors. It was a fun night and it took me out of my comfort zone. Not to mention, it’s been years since I painted a bird (the girl’s idea!). So enjoy this week’s POSCA pen cardinal. I highly recommend playing with these. You can’t go wrong!

Products used: POSCA 3M (fine tip) Paint Markers