Project of the Week – Inspirational Journals

July 25, 2022

If you keep and maintain an art journal, you know how much fun it is. It can also be daunting staring at a blank page wondering what will it turn into. I too have had “creative block” in the past – it happens to everyone. My favorite way to overcome a blockage is to remove myself from the situation, find a distraction, and then come back to it with a new outlook or a refreshed mind.

My go-to is to take a walk to clear my mind. Although the dog also benefits from them as well, walks allow me to breathe and just let images and thoughts come and go. Eventually, a lightbulb goes off and I have my inspiration. I also keep a copy of inspirational words nearby.

Whether it is my regular work or my art journal, creative blocks happen. My pieces for this week were inspired by the creative words I have laying around. Help is always a phrase or two (or a walk) away! What words are you going to add to your journal page to help inspire your creativity? Let’s hear your thoughts as well.