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Happy Hour Magnets – Instructions

Instructions and inspiration for your Happy Hour Magnets can be found here. Follow the directions below to create either our design or a unique design of your own. Get ready to get creative. Cheers!

Step 1: Paint and/or Decorate Your Canvas

Using acrylic paints or any other medium of your choice (we used chalk as well), paint part of all of your 2×2 canvas. Let dry.

While your canvas is drying, it’s time to put together your “drink”. Each “drink” has a grey base piece and a colored accent piece. On the grey pieces, you will see a small impression which serves as the “guide” for where the top piece should go. Simply glue the two together using the impression as a guide.

For the Beer magnet, there are two foam pieces. Look for the impression on the larger piece as to where to adhere the smaller one.

The same applies for the umbrella, orange slice, and leaves.
Each kit comes with an accent paper piece. Using glue, mod podge, or gel medium, adhere your paper piece to your canvas (once dried). Paper accents can also be colorized. We used ink for the accents on Wine and Martini.

Name Tags:

Each kit has a variety of styles to choose from. We took a solid background (included in the kit and placed/trimmed it behind the tag. Get creative with these!

Now it’s time to assemble all pieces to your magnet. Glue your accents (flowers, leaves, other elements) to your canvas. Once dry, adhere the magnetic strip to the back of your magnet. We recommend adding either hot glue or other adhesive to the magnet back as well.

Let all dry and then display your artwork!